Meet The SNC Owls

Meet the Stage Nature Center Owls

Learn More about Arguile

Arguile is the older of our two Barred Owls. He has an injury to his right foot which causes it to twist inward. He is welcoming to his handlers and observes people very intensely.

Learn more about Autumn

Autumn is a Great Horned Owl who is the oldest of all of our owls. She isn't as friendly as some of the others, but she certainly is one that is interesting to watch.

Learn More About Mortimer

Mortimer is a Screech-Owl who has an injury to his left eye which you can sometimes see.

Learn More about Rito

Rito is a Screech-owl and lives with Mortimer. Rito isn't as comfortable with people as the other owls because he is new to captivity.

Learn More About Sam

Sam is a Barred Owl and is one of our more talkative owls. She often calls out to people who say her name. Sam is the most comfortable around people.

Meet Christina Funk

Christina is the Assistant Naturalist and owl handler at the Stage Nature Center. Christina was instrumental in bringing the owls to the SNC after the closure of the Organization for Bat Conservation, where the owls resided before they came to the nature center.

Owl Events & fundraisers


Meet the owls - April 29th

We had a great time at the "Meet the Owls" program and had a very strong turn out! We look forward to hosting another program soon, stay tuned as we work out the details!

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