Programs for Children

Programs for Children

Monthly Saturday Program | 10 am-12 pm | Grades: K-2nd & 3rd-5th 

Here’s a great way for children to explore nature. Each month, they will dive into new discoveries about the outdoor world. Children will learn through hands-on activities, hikes and crafts. Each child will receive a “passport” at the first session and will receive stamps at each program they attend to earn some great prizes. Sign up for sessions individually. No need to commit to multiple sessions.

TNS Member Fee: $10 | Non-Member: $13


July Program: Birds of Prey + Live Owl Visit!

Grades K-2nd | Saturday, July 14th | 10am - 12pm | Birds of Prey + Live Owl Visit!

Grades 3rd - 5th | Saturday, July 14th | 10am - 12pm |Birds of Prey + Live Owl Visit!

Knee-high Naturalists at Stage Nature Center | TNS Members:  $10 | Non-Members: $13 | Adults free | Each monthly session offers:

A nature-related theme designed for children ages 2-4, the session starts with a fun craft followed by activities that reinforce the day's lesson. The group then heads outside for an outdoor trail hike, guided by nature instructor Lori Brown.  Some of the outdoor activities include looking under logs, searching for wildlife and their tracks, exploring our pond and observing how each different parts of nature interact.  Some things children may see along the trails include deer, turkeys, owls, squirrels, birds and insects. Each hike is followed by an indoor nature story and a snack. This program is one of our most popular programs for little nature lovers, registration fills up fast - be sure to register early!

JUNE: Fish | Our pond and stream have lots of fish. Learn what makes fish so special and play fish games.

Thursday, June 14th | Fish | 10-11:30 am 

Friday, June 15th | Fish |  10-11:30 am 

JULY: Butterflies | Summer is the perfect time of year to see and learn about these graceful insects. 

Thursday, July 26th | Butterflies | 10-11:30 am 

Friday, July 27th | Butterflies | 10-11:30 am 

AUGUST: Animal Homes | Animals live in lots of different homes, find out what kind of animal homes we have at the nature center through a hike on the trails making stops along the way. 

Thursday, August 23rd | Animal Homes | 10-11:30 am 

Friday, August 24th | Animal Homes | 10-11:30 am 

Little Acorns

Tuesday, June 19th | 11 am -12 pm 

Wednesday, August 29th | 6:30pm - 7:30pm

TNS Member: $3 | Non-Member: $5

Let your child explore the sights and sounds of nature through outdoor activities. This program will take place outside, except in the event of inclement weather. Bring children in strollers that are sturdy enough for a wood chipped trail. The adult partner is free and must accompany the child throughout the program.

“Pokémon” One-Day Camp

Thur, July 26 | 9 am-4 pm | Ages: 9-12 | TNS Member Fee: $40 | Non-Member Fee: $45

Join us as we try to catch 'em all at our Pokemon themed day camp. We will trek out and compare our native forest friends to those in the Pokemon world. Campers will learn about adaptions used to help them be the best Pokemon trainers they can be! Using their discoveries, campers will try to create one of their very own and see how it would fare in a gym battle! Bring a sack lunch. We will provide beverages and an afternoon snack.