Endowment Fund

What is the Troy Nature Society Endowment Fund?

In 2018, the Troy Nature Society (TNS) established the Troy Nature Society Endowment Fund with the Troy Community Foundation. The TNS Endowment Fund was created to build perpetual support for the organization’s mission of providing resources and education to inspire the appreciation and preservation of nature.

Members of the Troy Nature Society Board of Directors recognized the need to generate sustainable income and provide additional giving opportunities to its members and supporters. By establishing this endowment fund, the Society is ensuring that important work to educate the public about nature, science and the environment will continue to grow for generations to come. This is a substantial opportunity to secure income for areas of high importance at the Stage Nature Center.

Initial funds for the TNS Endowment Fund were provided by participating in the Troy Community Foundation’s (TCF) Endowment Challenge Grant. The TCF Challenge Grant supports nonprofit organizations in starting a permanent endowment fund in Troy, Michigan. The Troy Nature Society raised just over $10,000 for the initial investment in the fund and TCF provided a dollar match of $5,000 for the TNS Endowment Fund that was created on March 30, 2018. As of June 30, 2023, the Fund is valued at $24,765.

Contribute to the TNS Endowment Fund

To make a secure online contribution to the TNS Endowment Fund, visit the Stage Nature Center website at www.stagenaturecenter.org and click the “Donate” icon.
1) Under DONATE AMOUNT, enter the amount you would like to contribute. 2) Under WOULD YOU LIKE TO SPECIFY A SPECIFIC FUND? indicate “TNS Endowment Fund” as your preference and re-enter the amount. Fill in all requested information.

You can also mail your contribution to the Troy Nature Society at P.O. Box 99302, Troy, MI 48099 and reference “Endowment” on your check. For more information, please call Carla Reeb, Executive Director at 248.688.9703.

Click here to visit the Troy Community Foundation website. 

Stage Nature Center is operated by the Troy Nature Society, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Troy, MI. Please consider donating today!