Support Our Owls

Arguile – Barred Owl

Arguile is the older of our two Barred Owls. He has an injury to his right foot which causes it to twist inward. Click here to view Arguile’s fact sheet

Autumn – Great Horned Owl

Autumn is a Great Horned Owl who has been living with people the longest of the five owls. Click here to view Autumn’s fact sheet

Mortimer – Screech-Owl

Mortimer is a Screech-Owl who has an injury to his left eye which you can sometimes see. Click here to view Mortimer’s fact sheet

Rito – Screech-owl

Rito is a Screech-owl and lives with Mortimer. Of the five owls, Rito is the newest to captivity. Click here to view Rito’s fact sheet

Sam – Barred Owl 

Sam is a Barred Owl and is one of our more talkative owls. She often calls out to people. Sam is the most comfortable around people. Click here to view Sam’s fact sheet

Meet Christina Funk

Christina is the Assistant Naturalist and owl handler at the Stage Nature Center. Christina was instrumental in bringing the owls to the SNC after the closure of the Organization for Bat Conservation, where the owls resided before they came to the nature center.

Fundraising efforts for the SNC Owls

We are asking all of our friends and supporters to consider making a charitable donation to the Troy Nature Society Owl Fund. Your generous contribution, however small or large, will help us with the continued long-term care of the five owls that call Stage Nature Center home. These owls have permanent injuries that prevent them from being released back into the wild and they now serve as ambassadors to their species to educate and inspire our community through programs for public and school groups. We hope that by providing them with a safe living environment and meeting their medical needs, they will continue to do so for the next 20 to 25 years. Your donation will also support the building of a permanent structure that will provide a safe and comfortable living space for the owls. Once completed, this structure will be open to the public and allow visitors to view these magnificent raptors every day.

To learn more about the story of the owls and our fundraising efforts, watch the video below.

Owl Sponsorship Opportunities

Click here to download the Owl Sponsorship Menu


Premier Sponsorship

Sponsorship:  $1,000

Includes the following:

Private “Meet the Owls” Tour for up to five (5) guests

Certificate of support + 8×11 owl profile

Large owl plush 

National Geographic Owl Book


Gold Sponsorship

Sponsorship: $500

Includes the following:

Certificate of support + 5×7 owl profile

Small owl plush

National Geographic Owl Book


Silver Sponsorship

Sponsorship: $250

Includes the following:

Certificate of support + 5×7 owl profile

Owl Finger puppet

National Geographic Owl Book


Bronze Sponsorship

Sponsorship: $100

Includes the following:

Certificate of support + 5×7 owl profile

National Geographic Owl Book

Stage Nature Center is operated by the Troy Nature Society, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Troy, MI. Please consider donating today!