SNC Owls

Meet the Stage Nature Center Owls

  • Learn More about Arguile

    Arguile is the older of our two Barred Owls. He has an injury to his right foot which causes it to twist inward. He is welcoming to his handlers and observes people very intensely.

View Arguile's fact sheet

  • Learn more about Autumn

    Autumn is a Great Horned Owl who is the oldest of all of our owls. She isn't as friendly as some of the others, but she certainly is one that is interesting to watch.

View Autumn's fact sheet

  • Learn More About Mortimer

    Mortimer is a Screech-Owl who has an injury to his left eye which you can sometimes see.

View Mortimer's fact sheet

  • Learn More about Rito

    Rito is a Screech-owl and lives with Mortimer. Rito isn't as comfortable with people as the other owls because he is new to captivity.

View Rito's fact sheet

  • Learn More About Sam

    Sam is a Barred Owl and is one of our more talkative owls. She often calls out to people who say her name. Sam is the most comfortable around people.

View Sam's fact sheet

  • Meet Christina Funk

    Christina is the Assistant Naturalist and owl handler at the Stage Nature Center. Christina was instrumental in bringing the owls to the SNC after the closure of the Organization for Bat Conservation, where the owls resided before they came to the nature center.

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Upcoming Opportunities to See the SNC Owls LIVE!

Fundraising Efforts for the SNC Owls Continues

The Stage Nature Center took in five (5) rehabilitated owls in February 2018 after the Organization for Bat Conservation (OBC) suddenly closed its doors. It was at that time the Troy Nature Society established the “Owl Fund” to ensure that that nature center could financially support the owls and to fund the construction of an “Owl House” on the grounds of the nature center which would serve as a permanent enclosure for the owls.  When this was announced, the Stage Nature Center was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support received from the public, and donations and sponsorships began to come in for the owls

Local resident and Boy Scout Wyatt Lucas heard about the owls and came forward with an idea to host a fundraiser to benefit the owls. The nature center felt optimistic that their efforts, coupled with Wyatt’s would allow them to reach a goal of $20,000 to support the owls. This fundraising goal was based on estimates received from a local architect to construct the Owl House. Knowing that there was so much support from the public and from Wyatt, the nature center was optimistic that they could raise the appropriate amount of funds  in a short amount of time.

Later in the summer after the nature center had reached its $20,000 goal,  further review of the initial designs for the Owl House revealed that the original estimates underestimated the cost of the project.  This news delayed the project by several months. With the new estimates, the fundraising goal has now increased significantly and fundraising efforts will continue into 2019.


The Stage Nature Center and the Troy Nature Society will continue all fundraising efforts to help fund the construction of the Owl House and to support the daily cost of housing the owls (food, medical, staff time, etc.). In the meantime, TNS Staff are exploring options to heighten security for the owls. Once security updates are complete, the nature center will allow access to the viewing area and it will be open to the public daily. Public tours of the owl area will also be scheduled; the nature center will make an announcement when the tours are available. This is a temporary solution until the new owl house can be constructed.  It is anticipated that construction for the Owl House will begin by mid 2019.


We are continuing to accept private donations and sponsorships for the Owl Fund. We will launch a campaign later this year that will focus on attracting corporate sponsors and look for grants that may be used to support the owls. 

Donate to our OWL FUND by clicking HERE

DOWNLOAD Owl Sponsorship Menu by clicking HERE

PHOTO JOURNAL | Meet the owls - April 29th

We had a great time at the "Meet the Owls" program and had a very strong turn out! We look forward to hosting another program soon, stay tuned as we work out the details!

    • Hello Arnie Braver!
    • Some of the auction items that were on display.
    • One of the silent auction items that was up for grabs.
    • The owl quilt that is still available for auction!
    • Refreshments before the program began.
    • Owl fundraiser collection jar.
    • Owl T-shirts that Wyatt Lucas is selling as part of his fundraiser.
    • Wyatt and Scott Lucas selling T-shirts and taking donations for his fundraiser.
    • Owl fans during session 1
    • Owl fans during session 1
    • Christina Funk explains the interesting facts about Barred Owls
    • Christina Funk explains the interesting facts about Barred Owls
    • Christina Funk with Arguile, the Barred Owl
    • Autumn the Great Horned Owl is leery of her onlookers.
    • Autumn the Great Horned Owl is leery of her onlookers.
    • Autumn the Great Horned Owl and handler Christina Funk.
    • Autumn the Great Horned Owl checking out the audience.
    • Autumn the Great Horned Owl and handler Christina Funk.
    • Everyone who attended were fascinated by the owls!
    • Mortimer the Screech-Owl
    • Mortimer the Screech-Owl
    • Mortimer the Screech-Owl
    • Rito the Screech-Owl
    • Rito the Screech-Owl
    • Rito the Screech-Owl
    • Sam the Barred Owl
    • Sam the Barred Owl
    • Sam the Barred Owl
  • Lindsay Miller attended the first "Meet the Owls" Session and is obviously "Team Mortimer"
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National Geographic Owl Book

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