Board Information


Board President1st Vice President2nd Vice PresidentSecretaryTreasurer
David Lambert (2018)Arnie Braver (2014)Scott Hunter (2019)Rebecca Seguin-Skrabucha (2019)Steve Sprague (2019)
Term ends 2021Term ends 2021Term ends 2022Term ends 2022Term ends 2022



Dan Glombowski (2019)Term ends 2022
Paul Hoef (2020)Term ends 2023
Alex Mattia (2019)Term ends 2022
Chloe Pottenger (2019)
(Student Board Member)
Term ends 2021
Fran Stage (2019)Term ends 2022
Smitha Haugen (2018)Term ends 2021
Roger Kowalski (2010)
Term ends 2021
Noah Miko (2019)
(Student Board Member)
Term ends 2021
Bill Ording (2017)Term ends 2023
Anna Romund (2017)Term ends 2023

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