Scout It Out

Scouting programs are ongoing throughout the year and give scouts an opportunity to complete nature-related badges, adventures or journeys.  All or most requirements are met during these sessions.  These programs can be attended by individual scouts or troops.

Pre-registration is required for all programs (including free programs). For safety during this time, please have your face covering and consider bringing hand sanitizer when you attend the program.

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Scout It Out: Girl Scouts

Fee: $35/scout (includes Journey Award)

Leaders and chaperones are free

Daisy, Brownie, Junior and Cadette Girl Scouts will have the opportunity to complete one of their Journeys in a day-long program. Bring a sack lunch; beverages and an afternoon snack will be provided. Each troop should have leaders or chaperones with the group as per GSA policy; an adult is not needed for each scout. A scout attending on her own should have an adult partner.

Brownies will go on a Wonders of Water Journey. They will learn about the water cycle, where our water comes from and ways to use it wisely, explore the nature center pond—dipping for the small animals that live there and hike to the stream to observe the power of moving water.

Click here to register for Brownies: Wonders of Water on Wed, Jun 29, 9 am-4 pm 

Juniors will go on a Get Moving Journey. They will learn all about energy, how it is used and ways to conserve it. They will participate in investigations, observe animals and brainstorm ways to help their community use energy wisely.

Click here to register for Juniors: Get Moving on Wed, Jul 13, 9 am-4 pm 

Daisies will do the Between Earth & Sky Journey. They will explore the natural world and learn how to keep the earth healthy. They will participate in activities as they learn and do a project to help the nature center.

Click here to register for Daisies: Between Earth & Sky on Wed, Jul 27, 9 am-4 pm 

Cadettes will do most of the Breathe Journey as they explore the air around us. Girls will complete the entire journey minus the take-action project. They will receive ideas on how to complete the project.

Click here to register for Cadettes: Breathe on Wed, Aug 3, 9 am-4 pm 

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