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Pre-registration is required for all programs (including free programs). For safety during this time, please have your face covering and consider bringing hand sanitizer when you attend the program.

Online Native Plant Sale

Sat, June 5, 9 am-1 pm

The 2021 Native Plant Sale is online only again this year in an effort to protect the community from the spread of COVID-19 and follow social distancing guidelines.

Help support a healthy ecosystem by planting native plants. Brendan Nolan of Plants for Ecology, a producer of locally sourced native plants, will have a wide variety of trees, shrubs, and plants available for purchase online from May 30th through June 3rd through his website Pick-up is Saturday, June 5th, from 9 am – 1 pm at the Stage Nature Center. 25% of the proceeds will be donated to the Troy Nature Society. Visit for more information and instructions on purchasing and pick-up of plants.

Photo Walks by TNS Photo Club

Saturdays, June 5, July 3, Aug 7 & Sept 4, 8-10 am 

Ages: All

TNS Member: Free | Non-Member: $2

Guided hikes through the SNC. Meet in the parking lot by 8 am. Bring your camera. Dress for the weather.

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Homeschool and School Enrichment Nature Class: Wildlife Wonders

Wed, June 9, 10 am-12 pm or 3-5 pm

Ages 5-10

TNS Member: $6.50/child | Non-Member: $8.50/child

For homeschool children and a free parent partner. Or, as science enrichment for children attending school (virtually or in-person) and a free parent partner. Identify the five vertebrate groups and the differences between them. Learn what makes a bird a bird or a fish a fish! Meet live animal representatives of some vertebrate groups. On the trail, we watch for animals, animal signs and play a vertebrate game.

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Walk with a Naturalist

Sat, June 12 – 2:30-3:30 pm

Sat, July 24 – 10:30-11:30 am

Ages 3-Adult

Fee: Free | Donations appreciated

Take a relaxing walk on the SNC trails through various natural communities. Get answers to your nature questions. Adults must remain with their children.

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Knee-high Naturalists

10-11:30 am 

Ages 2-4

TNS Member: $11 | Non-Member: $14

Children, with a free adult partner, can attend one or more of the following programs. Each session includes a nature story, hike, activities, craft and a snack.

Animal Babies

In June, learn about new Animal Babies born in early summer.

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Dragons & Damsels

In July, discover the Dragons & Damsels of the insect world. 

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Wild Dogs

In August, explore and find out about the Wild Dogs of our area – fox and coyote.

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Nuts about Squirrels

Fri, June 18, 6:30-8 pm

Ages: 5-Adult

TNS Member: $4 | Non-Member: $6

What makes a squirrel a squirrel? How many kinds of squirrels do we have in Michigan? What are their favorite foods? We will explore these and other questions about squirrels. After learning about them, we will hike on the trails to observe squirrels, look for their nests, and watch their behaviors. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Fees apply to all participants.

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Nature Explorers

Ages: All (best for 5 & up)

TNS Member: $4 | Non-Member: $6

Enjoy some screen-free time while exploring the natural world! Together we will participate in hands-on, outdoor experiences to investigate different nature-related topics. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Fees apply to all participants.

Animal Life Cycles – Sat, June 19, 10-11:30 am

Join us in June to discover the changes animals go through as they grow. Some young look very much like the adults while others look and act differently. On the hike we will search for animals in various life cycle stages.

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Owl Pellet Dissection – Meet a Live Owl! –  Sat, July 10, 1:30-3 pm

Join us in July as we learn about owls and their adaptations for predation while meeting a live owl! We will get up close and personal with their feeding habits by dissecting owl pellets to discover which animals they eat. Each person will dissect an owl pellet and have the opportunity to take home the bones found in them. Time permitting, we will venture out to explore owl habitat on a short hike.

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Sounds of Summer Nights – Fri, Aug 6, 8:30-10 pm

Join us in August to discover the different sounds made by nighttime wildlife. From singing frogs to chirping crickets, we will listen to the forest come alive at night and learn about different ways nocturnal animals communicate with each other while hiking the SNC trails.

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Summer Bird Hike

Sat, June 26, 8-10 am

Ages: 8-Adult

TNS Member: $4 | Non-Member: $6

Several birds are summer or year-round residents of the nature center. Join us as we hike the trails and look for our feathered friends during this busy season of nesting and raising young. Bring binoculars or borrow ours. All experience levels welcome. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Each participant must enroll and pay the fee.

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Little Acorns

Ages: 2-4

TNS Member: $3 | Non-Member: $5

Let your child explore the sights and sounds of nature through outdoor activities. This program will take place outside, except in the event of inclement weather. Bring children in strollers that are sturdy enough for a wood chipped trail. The adult partner is free and must accompany the child throughout the program.

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Herb Walk

Sat, June 26, 1-3 pm

Ages: All

TNS Member: $15 | Non-Member: $19 | <10 yrs: Free

Herbalist Lea Pfeifer will take you on a walk to explore edible and medicinal plants found on the SNC grounds. She will give tips on how to identify the plants and ways they can be useful to people. 

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Owl Encounters

Ages 3-Adult 

Fee: $4

Join us on one of these encounters to visit the rehabilitated owls that call the Stage Nature Center home. This tour gives you a chance to learn more about the different owl species, reasons why they each live in captivity, explore their different personalities, and get your owl questions answered. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Fees apply to all participants.

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Bat Walks

Ages: 5-Adult

TNS Member: $5 | Non-member: $7

Join us to step into the world of some of Michigan’s bug busters. Discover the importance of bats as we search for them living on the grounds of the Stage Nature Center. Just one bat can consume 2,000 to 5,000 insects in one night! We will watch these acrobatic creatures swoop through the air catching insects and listen to their echolocation with a bat detector. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Fees apply to all participants.

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Stargazing at Stage

Fri, Aug 13, 8:30-10:30 pm 

Ages: 8-Adult

TNS Member: $6 | Non-Member: $8

Join Warren Astronomical Society member Marty Kunz to explore the summer night sky. We will search for summer constellations and deep space objects while keeping a watchful eye out for meteors from the Perseid meteor shower. In an effort to keep everyone safe during this time, we are requesting you bring your own telescope. We will not be providing telescopes at this time. Marty will help you learn the ins and outs of your telescope. This program will occur regardless of the sky conditions. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Fees apply to all participants.

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Girl Scout Journeys

Daisy, Brownie, Junior and Cadette Girl Scouts will have the opportunity to complete one of their Journeys in a day-long program. Bring a sack lunch; beverages and an afternoon snack will be provided. Each troop should have leaders or chaperones with the group as per GSA policy; an adult is not needed for each scout. A scout attending on her own should have an adult partner.

Fee: $35/scout (includes Journey Award) | Leaders and chaperones are free

Brownies: Wonders of Water Journey – Wed, July 7, 9 am-4 pm

Brownies will learn about the water cycle, where our water comes from and ways to use it wisely, explore the nature center pond—dipping for the small animals that live there and hike to the stream to observe the power of moving water.

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Cadettes : Breathe Journey – Sat, July 17, 9 am-4 pm

Cadettes will do most of the Breathe Journey as they explore the air around us. Girls will complete the entire journey minus the take-action project. They will receive ideas on how to complete the project.

Click here to register for Cadettes : Breathe  CANCELLED

Daisy Scouts: Between Earth & Sky Journey – Thurs, Aug 5, 9 am-4 pm

Daisy Scouts will do the Between Earth & Sky Journey. They will explore the natural world and learn how to keep the earth healthy. They will participate in activities as they learn and do a project to help the nature center.

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Juniors: Get Moving Journey – Sat, Aug 14, 9 am-4 pm

Juniors will go on a Get Moving Journey. They will learn all about energy, how it is used and ways to conserve it. They will participate in investigations, observe animals and brainstorm ways to help their community use energy wisely.

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Introduction to Native Plants & Natural Landscaping

Sat, Aug 28, 9–10 am

Ages: 12-Adult

TNS Member: $4 | Non-Member: $5

Angela Nelson, Horticulturist at East Michigan Native Plants, LLC, will hold a workshop before the Native Plant Sale to assist you in making your native plant selections! The workshop will provide an introduction to native plants and natural landscaping concepts, discuss environmental and planning considerations, and delve into maintenance techniques, as well as take a look at some of Michigan’s most valuable wildflower and grass species.

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August Native Plant Sale

Sat, Aug 28, 10 am–2 pm

Fall is a great time to plant! Butterflies, bees and birds will flock to your landscape with the addition of some of Michigan’s most-loved native plant species! Angela Nelson from East Michigan Native Plants, LLC, (formerly Designs By Nature East, LLC) will be bringing over 80 species of Michigan native perennial wildflowers and grasses for you to select from. Bring your pictures and plans for personal help and advice with your selections! Native Plant species information can be found at:

Earth Explorers

July 13-16, 9:30-11:30 am

4-5 years

TNS Member: $85 | Non-Member: $95

Children will explore forest, meadow and pond, observing the animals and plants found in those communities. Catching and observing insects, hiking the trails, watching birds and other animals at the feeders, playing simple nature games and making crafts with a nature theme are some of the activities that will take place. Each child will take home a “bug” box and a magnifying lens. Camp is held rain or shine.

Camp meets each day from 9:30 am to 11:30 am. Beverages and a small snack will be provided each day.

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Stage Nature Center is operated by the Troy Nature Society, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Troy, MI. Please consider donating today!